Discover the five best Takachiho Town souvenirs for your female friends, all at Kihachi-no-Kura

When looking for souvenirs to give your female friends, you can’t go wrong with these local specialties.

The following are five Takachiho souvenirs that we recommend, all found at Kihachi-no-Kura, the local direct-sales shop at Gamadase Market.


Herbal tea (Takachiho x Detox)

Our first recommendation is the herbal tea.

There are 13 types in total. The packaging is cute and catches your eyes, but there is more to the product than that. Each herbal tea is marked with a keyword for its own special ability, great for detoxing the body, weight loss, anti-aging, relaxing and so on – all very appealing.

The tea come in the form of tea bags, which makes them very easy to use.

It costs 650 yen for five packets, and 300 yen for two. Why not get an assortment of the ones you are interested in and hand them out as Takachiho souvenirs?


Yuzu citrus jam (Takachiho x Skincare)

The second item we recommend is the yuzu citrus jam by Takachiho Herbs, the same store that makes the herbal tea described above.

Yuzu citrus is excellent “skincare” food, as it is rich in vitamin C and E, which gives it antioxidant properties that help prevent age spots and wrinkles, as well as for maintaining beautiful skin.

This jam is made with only yuzu citrus, sugar, and liqueur without any extraneous ingredients, and has a sweet and gentle flavor. We highly recommend eating it with bread or crackers, as well as dissolving it in hot water to enjoy as a drink.

It also comes at a very giftable price tag of 660 yen.


Chihomaro (Takachiho x Health)

Chihomaro is a product made by adding lactic acid bacteria to amazake, a malted rice drink known as an “IV in liquid form.” The drink is made from the same water as the sacred water at Akimoto Shrine, as well as rice carefully grown in the terraced rice fields of Akimoto at 600m, and is a safe, natural drink.

It is non-alcoholic, additive-free, and sugar-free, making it a great gift for your more health-oriented female friends.

The three-piece set (860 yen), made up of the plain, brown rice and hebesu citrus flavors, makes a particularly excellent Takachiho gift.


Tsukiyomi-no-Mi (Takachiho x Beauty)

The name of Tsukiyomi-no-Mi is based on Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto, a moon deity that appears in the myths of Takachiho.

It consists of dried kumquat fruits, a Takachiho Town specialty.

Kumquats are famous for their beneficial effects on colds and sore throats, but did you know they have undeniable beautifying effects as well? This is because they are rich not just in vitamin C, but also beta-cryptoxanthin, hesperidin (a type of polyphenol) and pectin.

Enjoy as is, or try mixing with yogurt!

At just 580 yen, and with a name that alludes to Takachiho mythology, it makes a perfect gift.


Fruit syrup (Takachiho x Cute)

Our cutest recommended gift, bottles that catches everyones attention! Fruits from the neighboring Hinokage Town are made into syrup at the Shunka Kobo Terrace processing plant in Takachiho Town.

Even the color of the syrup is cute, and that is without any food coloring as well. This will definitely be a hit with your female friends♡

Combine it with carbonated water for a refreshing flavor, or with hot water for a gentle flavor. It can also be enjoyed year-round as part of jellies and desserts.

Add some cuteness to your friend’s room and life, for just 1,000 yen a bottle.



These were the five Takachiho Town souvenirs we recommend for your female friends. What do you think?

Takachiho is blessed with abundant greenery, and is home to many beauty- and health-related products that your female friends will love. The ones described above are the ones we recommend the most.

These products can all be purchased at Kihachi-no-Kura. The store is easily accessible, both on foot or by car. Please visit and discover a new favorite product.





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