Five love-enhancing power spots in Takachiho♡

Takachiho town is not just about popular activities like boating in the Takachiho Gorge, the area is also known for numerous of “love-enhancing” power spots!

Want your crush to like you back? Want to be happy with the person you love for the rest of your life? Want to meet someone new? Want to get back together with an ex? Whatever your wish for in your love life, this is for you!

Here, we will be introducing you to five power spots in Takachiho for one’s love life.


Visit the Meoto Sugi (Husband and Wife Cedars) with the person you love

The first of these power spots is the Meoto Sugi (Husband and Wife Cedars), located on the grounds of Takachiho Shrine.

The two cedar trees are intertwined at the roots, becoming one and symbolizing unwavering support. The cedars side by side, looks like a married couple leaning on one another.

Legend has it that if you hold hands with the person you love and walk around the Meoto Sugi three times, you will be blessed in the form of a harmonious marital life, a safe household and the prosperity of your children. Why not invite the person you love to take this walk with you?

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Hit the Mirai Bangi (Future Hopes Wood Board) while wishing to meet someone new or as a boost to your love life

The second power spot is the Mirai Bangi (Future Hopes Wood Board), located on the grounds of Aratate Shrine.

Aratate Shrine is believed to be the place where Sarutahiko-no-Mikoto and Amano-Uzume-no-Mikoto lived when they were newly married, making it basically a sacred site when it comes to the fulfillment of one’s romantic wishes.

There are many wood boards within the shrine grounds. However, the one that is a must-visit, is the heart-shaped Mirai Bangi. Hit the wood board seven times to receive blessings that include healing, meeting someone new, a closer bond or a boost to your romantic fortunes.

The Shichifuku Tokuju Bangi (Seven Blessings Wood Board), located within the same grounds, is said to impart seven blessings, including the fulfillment of one’s romantic life. This just from the one board alone, through the power of all of the ancient gods. Why not make a wish and hit this board seven times as well?

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Pray for the fulfillment of your romantic life at Inyogi (Yin/Yang Tree), within the sacred atmosphere deep in the mountains

The third power spot for enhancing love is the Inyogi (Yin/Yang Tree), located on the grounds of Futagami Shrine.

This gingko tree is the sacred tree of Futagami Shrine, which enshrines the married gods of Izanagi-no-Mikoto and Izanami-no-Mikoto. It is called the Inyogi because it is naturally shaped like the symbols for the divine man/woman that created the nation. The blessings of the tree is said to be in marital harmony and the prosperity of one’s children.

Futagami Shrine, where the Inyogi is located, is on Mt. Futagami, at the end of a mountain path just wide enough for a single car.

The dignified, spiritual atmosphere of the area is enough to make you feel like you are being blessed with some sort of power.

While it is a bit far from central Takachiho, we recommend visiting if you are hoping for romantic fulfillment or a happy marital life.

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Visit the Ogatama-no-Ki (Tree of Invocation) for finding love and to bring happiness into your life

The fourth love-enhancing power spot is the Ogatama-no-Ki (Tree of Invocation), located on the grounds of Amano-Iwato Shrine.

“Ogatama” means “to invite the gods,” and indeed, the Ogatama-no-Ki is said to bring romantic fulfillment and happiness into one’s life. We encourage you to visit the tree to receive some of its power.

In the myth of Amano-Iwato, Amano-Uzume-no-Mikoto performed a dance outside of Amano-Iwato Cave to encourage Amaterasu-Omikami (goddess of the sun) to come out of the cave. The stick she was holding as she performed this dance is said to have been a branch from the Ogatama-no-Ki. There are shrines all over Japan that have an “Ogatama-no-Ki” as their sacred tree. The one here in the Amano-Iwato Shrine, however, is where the divine dance actually took place! This, of course, gives it tremendous power to attract good fortune into your life.

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Stack stones while making a wish at Ama-no-Yasukawara

The fifth love-enhancing power spot is Ama-no-Yasukawara.

This is a very well-known place amongst power spot enthusiasts, and for good reason! Walk along the riverside path and you will find yourself at a large cave—the cave in which all of the ancient gods gathered for a divine meeting when the Amaterasu-Omikami hid in Amano-Iwato Cave. There is an overwhelming spiritual atmosphere to the place.

It is said that if you make a wish while stacking rocks on this riverbed, your wish will come true. There are stacks of stones piled up, one next to the other, by those making various wishes. Try stacking some rocks while making a wish for romantic fulfillment.

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These were the five of our most recommended love-enhancing power spots. What do you think?

While there are many power spots in Takachiho, the ones we described above are the best when it comes to fulfilling one’s romantic wishes. Try visiting these places, whichever ones you’re most interested in, and wish for happy times with the person you love, or perhaps the arrival of a wonderful new person in your life.



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