Five Takachiho souvenirs that will make a great impression at work!

When buying souvenirs for your workplace or school club, the most important thing to keep in mind is the sense of locality of the souvenirs, and how convenient they are to hand out.

Individually packaged items are perfect for this, since they’re easy to hand out, and also great for leaving at the office for everyone to share♡

Here, we will introduce you to five souvenirs that are sure to leave a great impression at work or at school, available at Michi-no-Eki Takachiho and Kihachi-no-Kura, a direct sales shop located within Gamadase Market.


“Ohisama Cheese Manju” by Sorairo

The cheese manju (Japanese steamed buns) is one of Miyazaki Prefecture’s most famous specialty sweets.

The “Ohisama Cheese Manju” (550 yen for a 4-pack), made by Kashi Kobu Sorairo (菓子工房 そらいろ) in Takachiho, makes an excellent souvenir even for people who don’t particularly like sweets.

The “Ohisama Cheese Manju” consists of delicious rich cream cheese wrapped in a crispy cookie dough!

The manju are sold frozen. While they are delicious thawed and eaten cold, we recommend toasting them in a toaster oven to make the manjus surface a bit more crisp(highly recommended).

“Ogatama Manju” by Amaterasu no Musumetachi

The “Ogatama Manju” (皇賀玉饅頭) is a yabure manju, a type of Japanese steamed bun in which the azuki bean paste can be seen through the thin surface of the manju. It is stuffed with red bean paste and created by the image of the fruit of the Ogatama-no-Ki, a tree that appears in the Takachiho Amano-Iwato myth.

There are two types of manjus: the “Iwato Biraki” (岩戸開き), which has kumquats kneaded into the bun, and the “Enmusubi” (縁結び), which has kamairicha (kettle-roasted tea) kneaded into the bun (1,000 yen for a six-pack). It makes a wonderful souvenir for people who love wagashi (Japanese sweets).

Kumquats and kamairicha are also Takachiho specialties. They have a refined sweetness that pairs perfectly with green tea.

Both are must-taste sweets!


“Kobiru Cookies” by Amaterasu no Musumetachi

Do you know what the word “Kobiru” refers to?

In the Takachiho dialect, “Kobiru” actually means snacks. And indeed, “Kobiru Cookies” (1,100 yen for 12 packages of two cookies each) are a perfect snack.

These are gluten-free rice flour cookies, made with rice grown on the terraced rice fields of Takachiho. They are made without eggs, milk or artificial seasonings! This makes them an excellent gift for those who are health-oriented.

Each box includes three flavors of cookies: plain, kumquat, and kamairicha. Each package contains two cookies of the same flavor, making them fun to share as well.


“Kinkan Horohoro” by Michi-no-Eki Takachiho

“Kinkan Horohoro” is made with ripe Kinkan Tamatama, a brand of kumquat and Takachiho specialty.

This is a Michi-no-Eki Takachiho original product and is only available there!

It is also quite reasonably-priced, at 684 yen for 10 cookies, and 1,080 yen for 18, which is another point in its favor when it comes to souvenirs you can hand out.

The cookie melts in your mouth, leaving a gentle kumquat fragrance.

According to the staff, it is recommended to eat it after chilling it in the fridge – let’s give it a try!

“Takachiho Cookies”, the classic of the classics!

These butter cookies are a classic, reliable option. The dark red logo and torii gate printed on the “Takachiho Cookies” (1,080 yen for 12 cookies) are very cute and retro. The design is definitely fashionable♡

When in doubt, the very distinct Takachiho print on a universally-adored cookie makes a wonderful souvenir for just about anyone.

The three types of prints are each cute and retro in their own way. They may all be the same flavor, but you’ll still find yourself deliberating over which one to choose.



These were the five Takachiho souvenirs we recommend for those in your workplace or school club. What do you think?

Michi-no-Eki Takachiho and Kihachi-no-Kura at Gamadase market offer everything from products made from Takachiho’s local specialities to standard products, all of which make perfect souvenirs. The ones described above are the ones we recommend the most.

All of the products introduced this time around are individually packaged, making them easy to hand out at your office or at your school club.

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